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#EuroMaidan Humor: Russian Painter Ilya Repin about President Yanukovych

Repin Humor EuroMaidan Yanukovych


Activists of the Democratic Alliance decided to take out the trash from the perimeter of Maidan, as police officers block the passage of utility vehicles to the area.

Activists of the Democratic Alliance decided to take out the trash from the perimeter of Maidan, as police officers block the passage of utility vehicles to the area.

“Democratic Alliance members initiated the removal of debris and stressed that blocking Institutskaya Street is not legal, no reasons were announced, people are not allowed through,” – she said.

“MIA [military] did not allow Democratic Alliance members and other residents of Euromaidan to take out the trash from the square. Therefore, they left it in front of the shields of security forces,” – activists of the Democratic Alliance added later on Facebook.

On poster: “Garbage goes with garbage. Everything should be in its right place.”  ( Ukrainian slang for Ukrainian police is “garbage” (trash, rubbish, waist etc))

Garbage to garbage


#EuroMaidan: Polizeifest in Kiew

Heute wirdw in der Ukraine das Fest der Polizei und der inneren Kräfte gefeiert.

Eine Kolonne der Aktivisten des Euromaidan sind zum Innenministerium gegangen, um gegen die Straflosigkeit der Polizei zu protestieren.
Um ca. 11:00 kiewer Zeit (10:00) ist die Kolonne in der Institutska Str. bei der Spezialkräfte blockiert worden. Bis jetzt alles ist friedlich: die Protestierenden singen und skandieren die Erforderung der Demission des Innenminister (ЄвроМайдан – EuroMaydan).

https://www.facebook.com/EuroMaydan/posts/536919569737718 (mehr Bilder)

Ausserdem, ist es eine symbolische Aktion durchgeführt worden: die Reinigung der Polizeiuniform (Євромайдан SOS):

(Photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=343771415763874&set=a.335318776609138.1073741827.335278196613196&type=1)

#EuroMaidan: Weihnachten

Eine Krippe auf dem Maidan. Auch dort wird es Weihnachten.

Photo: Ralf Haska

#EuroMaidan: Evangelischer Pfarrer in Kiew

Ralf Haska — Pastor der Deutschen Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinde

18. Dezember: “Die Miliz versperrt weiterhin die Hinterhöfe hier im Regierungsviertel und um die Kirche herum. Darinnen verbirgt sich die BERKUT. Ich habe erst gestern wieder welche in dem kleinen Lebensmittelladen getroffen, der sich hinter der Absperrung befindet und zu dem die mich aber durchlassen.”

Photo: Ralf Haska

Die Tagesschau sprach von ihm am 12. Dezember:


Vitaliy Portnikov: The Street Of Free People

Ukraine has a unique chance to become a normal country, because what we had so far, was just an imitation of the state.

EuroMaidan Portnikov

Vitaliy Portnikov. Photo from Wikipedia.

Nobody can certainly say, that the next week will be a turning point in solving the Ukrainian political crisis . Every Monday here for the past few weeks, we are trying to see light at the end of the tunnel , but it turns  to us as  full speed races on  “bomb” subway train. But  we can try to draw some conclusions , which allowing hope for real light .

The first conclusion:

The authorities cannot solve the problem of Maidan by means of force. Theoretically, a new attempt to disperse people may be undertaken, but it will only draw more protesters to the squares of Kyiv and make them work harder on securing the camps. Actually, even the President Yanukovych starts to understand this. This doesn’t mean that he has decided to talk to Maidan; he is trying to pay no attention to it instead. But paying no attention will not work anyway.

The second conclusion:

The resignation of Yanukovych cannot be implemented by the decision of the rally. Maidan may gather 1.5 or 2 millions of people, and still Yanukovych will have the whole authority of the Head of the state and keep ignoring the wave of crisis which will unavoidably cover Ukraine if the political dialogue doesn’t start. But the opposite parties see this dialogue in different ways. The President understands dialogue as a pardon for those who oppose him. The opposition takes it as the number of political concessions from the side of the one who doesn’t understand at all why he should compromise. By now, Yanukovych has not made any significant concession. During the round-table discussion he actually didn’t hear what oppositional leaders were talking. The appointment of the responsible ones for the students’ EuroMaidan dispersal is rather a consequence of the clannish struggles in his surrounding than the real intention to punish the persons who had given the order and to abandon this kind of malpractice in future.

The third conclusion:

If the President doesn’t want to take a responsibility for the future of the country, this should be done by the political leaders. The members of the Parliament from the Party of Regions should decide what scares them more: Yanukovych himself or the possibility of becoming the legislators and businessmen of the dying and splitting state. The chance of moving the centre of the political dialogue to the Parliament still exists. The necessity of returning to the parliamentary republic is widely discussed both in the opposition and in the ruling party. The need of balance seems now to be clear now for everybody except Yanukovych.

EuroMaidan Ukraine Kyiv KievThe fourth conclusion:

Ukraine has got a unique chance to become a normal country, because everything we had before was just an imitation of the state. In general, everything around had been fake: state institutions, business, civil society, mass-media. The sign-board “Ukraine” had been screening a stock-company, monopolized by the thievish impostors. And we had been understanding this quite well. That’s why we had been seeking so violently for the opportunity to replace the imitation by the reality. That’s why for many of us the Association Agreement with EU or, in other words, European direction of development had seemed to be helpful.

If you ask me what has changed this month, I would answer that nothing has changed yet. Nothing, but the people. The people have become real: the real citizens, the real People beginning with the capital letter. And they didn’t need any Agreement for being People, by the way. Our government appealed for building Europe here, at home, — so here you are, please. Even though it exists just within one street, but this is the continent of the free people. If it is not dispersed by “Berkut” it will spread across the whole country. And if it is dispersed – it will spread for sure.

Source: http://ipress.ua/articles/ulytsa_svobodnih_lyudey_35939.html

Ruslana, Ukrainian Pop Singer: God Is With Us!

From the Facebook page of Ruslana, Ukrainian pop singer. December 15, 2013.

Ruslana Singer EuroMaidan Ukraine Kyiv Kiev

Photo of Viktor Kovalenko from Flickr.

“The hardest and the best time at Maidan is the night. This is the time when dark forces hover around us, but they cannot tear the perimeter of our Light. God is with us! Every night is a trial. When there are fewer of us, when it is harder for us, when they try to wash us away like a nonmaterial, but still, a stronghold of the Human Spirit and Dignity. “If there was a command, you would not exist anymore” – write blinded and zombied “berkuties” in their social network. My answer is simpler: ” If there was no God, we would not exist” Glory to Jesus Christ!”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/EuroMaydanTranslations/posts/266803816804383