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IMF on Ukraine: The Economy Outlook Remains Challenging

Ukraine EuroMaidan Economy IMF

Photo of Viktor Kovalenko

On December 19, 2013 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued its press release about Ukraine. Full version of the release in English is published on the IMF’s website.

The release explains the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) conclusions of the 2013 Article IV consultation and the first Post Program Monitoring Review, as well as the Ex Post Evaluation of Exceptional Access under the 2010 Stand-By Arrangement with Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian economy has been in recession since mid-2012, and the outlook remains challenging. In January–September 2013 GDP contracted by 1¼ percent y-o-y, reflecting lower demand for Ukrainian exports and falling investments. Consumer prices stayed flat, held down by decreasing food prices and tight monetary policy. Weak external demand and impaired competitiveness kept the trailing 12-month current account deficit elevated at about 8 percent of GDP by end-September despite a significant reduction in natural gas imports. The high current account deficit amid less favorable international market environment pressured international reserves, which fell below the equivalent of 2½ months of imports by end-October 2013. Under currently planned policies, modest growth should return in 2014, driven by improvements in external demand, strong grain exports, and continuing consumption expansion. However, this outlook is subject to significant risks, emanating from the inconsistent policy mix and heightened political and economic uncertainty in recent weeks,” stated IMF in its press release.


KNEEL, SCUM! Diary of ukrainian riot police.

Translated by Alex Kaganoff

December, 20, 2013

Today this video footage was brought by us to the House of the Parliament. We were aware that Mr. Pshonka would be showing his lying version of the events (with “a peaceful “bercut” being awfully beaten up by the violent mob”). We begged for our collection of documentaries (combined into one solid stream) to be shown, for this mind-blowing footage should have been an enough reason for the most severe punishment of all the law-enforcement personnel involved. The heads should’ve been rolling from all the way up to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“- Why do you, as the Attorney General, refuse to comment on this extremely important evidence? What is the reason that it’s disallowed to be shown to the people of Ukraine?

“- No, no… That one has been already seen. We better watch the other video. The one that was made by the law enforcement. To balance the general opinion and in the name of justice, so to say…”

We turned around and left. Couldn’t deal with that dirt any longer…

The video-speaker bluntly refused to demonstrate our footage as well. That is why I am uploading it here, for all to watch. And I also will be watching it over and over again. So that I never forget the reason I went into the politics in this god-forsaken country. And I implore all of you to take a look at it as well. For none of you must ever have to go through the fate of the person shown at the last seconds of the video. The one who was told “ON YOUR knees, SCUM!..” by a despicable thug wearing the law-enforcement uniform.

INSIDE OUT PROJECT IN STREETS OF KIEV TODAY: In Kyiv, a portrait gallery of Euromaidan demonstrators appeared on the street

Translated by Isis Wisdom

BIG IDEA 21.12.2013

The initiative was carried out in the framework of the international Inside Out Project, which has been in 180 countries so far.
Today, on one of the buildings on Yaroslaviv Val street, photo portraits appeared of peaceful Kyivan Euromaidan demonstrators. This initiative is part of an international art project, the Inside Out Project, which aims to transform the human message into an artistic context.

The Inside Out Project was originally created for public spaces, where a need for places for personal stories exists. Since 2011, the Inside Out Project has traveled to 180 countries, and its vibrations appear now in Kyiv, and eventually further across Ukraine.

“A bold smile. A smile brings hope. Relying upon it, one can begin to act”- explain the initiators of the Ukraine project in their statement – Frenchman Arnaud Lyume, Ukrainian artist Alevtina Kakhidze, Irene Nightingale from the blog of [TED’s] “Big Idea” and photographer Eugene Black.

video: In his speech at the TED conference, French street artist JR, the project initiator of the insideoutproject.net, tells how you can twist the world inside out through art.



Future of the Maidan

In anticipation of the team’s offensive
Ihor Lutsenko
December 20, 2013, 18:36
Ukrainian Pravda Blog

Translated by Isis Wisdom

The most popular question I hear currently is – how long should Maidan stand?

I’m curious, why do we even ask whether Maidan is to end, at all?

In the end, one year of standing on Maidan is better than another six or twenty-six standing in Belarus.

While Maidan still stands, Yanukovych is not fully vested as President. If Maidan were to currently disperse now, or in three weeks – it means that Yanukovych won not only today’s, but also all potential opposition.

We have created our own power and defended our space – several hectares of wonderful land – where the laws of today’s ugly current state system do not work. With our will, we recreated a tiny piece of future Ukraine .

We have the time and we have the inspiration to develop it as a piece of the future.

For example, an IT tent can give rise to a whole series of tents leading to future IT companies. The digital community can work to create cutting-edge software products right from this square.

Separate garbage sorting and processing, and water treatment technology will soon be presented to the Maidan.

Maidan already contains the beginnings of a free community of artists, and artists who are able to create and display the results of their creative work directly on the square.

Already the free university is functioning, which is a logical continuation of the global TEDx trend.

In short, we have all the possibilities to develop Maidan as, in particular, as an environmentally clean place, as a unique industrial park, as a free art space and as a space for the creation of new forms of self-government in Ukraine, and of course – of Kyiv self-government. On this chaotic set of tents can be born an entirely new community.

Yet, these are thoughts about the following, how do we act when we are here for the long run. How will we develop our end.

The main thing is – do not lose momentum. We now have enough energy to go on the offensive. After December 11th, a great moral advantage was on our side. We now demand that the three opposition parties, who are the de facto leaders of Maidan, to to lead by peaceful command, but on the offensive.


International Journalist Ihor Slisarenko Passed Away: Remembering The Colleague


Photo by Day.kiev.ua

One of the well-known Ukrainian international journalists Ihor Slisarenko passed away yesterday, on Dec 20 in Kyiv. He was a significant figure and an opinion leader for many journalists.

“It’s a pity that one more professional Ukrainian journalist passed away. Ihor dreamed that Ukraine will soon become an independent and autonomous player in the region, and will become a regional power, and will not be only as a subject of diplomatic games”, said Viktor Kovalenko, former Ukrainian journalist for EuroMaidan Translations project.

Georgian Athletes Dedicate Their Medals To #EuroMaidan Ukrainians

An APPEAL to Ukrainian patriots!

Georgian Team of the National Federation of Mixed Martial Arts of Georgia recently won the 3rd place at the World Cup final tournament and devoted its victory to all Ukrainians on EuroMaidan.


Glory to Ukraine! We are with you! We will win!


Mamuka Mamulashvili,
President of the Federation

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=775044292510022&set=a.137865096227948.27925.137614642919660&type=1&theater

Translated byIsis Wisdom

Found another activist missing after the bloody dispersal of #Euromaidan by “Berkut”

Found: another activist missing after the bloody dispersal of #Euromaidan by “Berkut,” the Ukrainian riot police.

“HE CAME OUT OF A COMA:” another activist missing after the bloody dispersal of Euromaidan by Berkut has been found.

21.12.13 16:58

Source: http://censor.net.ua/n264404

Translated by: Isis Wisdom
Activists helping search for the missing after the bloody dispersal of protesters on Euromaidan on the night of November 29–30 managed to find another missing person – Sergei Radchenko. As it turns out, he fell into a coma due to cracked skull and regained consciousness only today, when he made his whereabouts known.
On his Facebook page, singer Ruslana Lyzhychko wrote: https://www.facebook.com/ruslana.lyzhychko.5/posts/625438887518325
She has published two text messages written to her by activists:
“Maryan: we found Sergei Radchenko who was beaten by Berkut forces on the Maidan on 11/30/13 he is in recovery,” reported Ruslana.
See also “Cenzor.NET:” In Parliament today, Prosecutor General Pshonka refused to show actual footage of Berkut’s atrocities: “Yes it is for all to see.” VIDEO Source: http://censor.net.ua/video_news/264398/pshonka_otkazalsya_pokazat_v_rade_nastoyaschie_kadry_zverstv_berkuta_da_ego_je_vse_videli_video
“Sergei Radchenko was born in 1988 and now lives in Kiev. He was beaten on the night of November 30th on the Maidan. On December 1st, while travelling by train to the grave of his parents, he fainted and was removed from the train and placed in a local hospital. The diagnosis – a crack in the skull. Today he came out of a coma. He can speak, but it is not recommended due to his health. We will now arrange communication with his doctors and learn more about what people can do to help. We are taking it under our control,” the singer stated in another report on the fate of the activist.