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For #EuroMaidan Protesters: Check If You Are Banned From Russia


December 21, 2013 – Today the Ukrainian paper Gazeta.Ua published a short story that Ukrainian citizens before entering Russia should check if they are banned. It could be done right on the website of the Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

Earlier some media in Ukraine reported that over 25,000 of Ukrainian citizens are actually banned from entering Russia. Media quoted “their competent sources” in this case. In fact, in recent 3 years dozens of such cases were reported – not only regarding NGO activists, but also ordinary citizens.   

As Gazeta.Ua reported, to avoid problems at the Russia’s border, Ukrainian citizens should check if they’re banned from entering the neighbour country by filling out the special form on the Russia’s Migration Service website page “Checking The Reasons Of Banning Your Entrance”. That means providing some personal data to Russia for such a check.



  1. jtbv says:

    Russia’s borders are notoriously hard to defend, in order to protect the heartland, they need to create a buffer around there borders. Since the fall of the sovjet union, Europe has slowly but steadily been pulling the countries surrounding Russia into it’s sphere of influence: this constitutes an existential threat to Russia.
    This explains why it’s such a sensitive issue for Russia and why American senators support the demonstrators, of course all in the name of freedom.

  2. Viktor K. says:

    That’s true. Thanks for your comment.

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