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KNEEL, SCUM! Diary of ukrainian riot police.


Translated by Alex Kaganoff

December, 20, 2013

Today this video footage was brought by us to the House of the Parliament. We were aware that Mr. Pshonka would be showing his lying version of the events (with “a peaceful “bercut” being awfully beaten up by the violent mob”). We begged for our collection of documentaries (combined into one solid stream) to be shown, for this mind-blowing footage should have been an enough reason for the most severe punishment of all the law-enforcement personnel involved. The heads should’ve been rolling from all the way up to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“- Why do you, as the Attorney General, refuse to comment on this extremely important evidence? What is the reason that it’s disallowed to be shown to the people of Ukraine?

“- No, no… That one has been already seen. We better watch the other video. The one that was made by the law enforcement. To balance the general opinion and in the name of justice, so to say…”

We turned around and left. Couldn’t deal with that dirt any longer…

The video-speaker bluntly refused to demonstrate our footage as well. That is why I am uploading it here, for all to watch. And I also will be watching it over and over again. So that I never forget the reason I went into the politics in this god-forsaken country. And I implore all of you to take a look at it as well. For none of you must ever have to go through the fate of the person shown at the last seconds of the video. The one who was told “ON YOUR knees, SCUM!..” by a despicable thug wearing the law-enforcement uniform.


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