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Future of the Maidan


In anticipation of the team’s offensive
Ihor Lutsenko
December 20, 2013, 18:36
Ukrainian Pravda Blog

Translated by Isis Wisdom

The most popular question I hear currently is – how long should Maidan stand?

I’m curious, why do we even ask whether Maidan is to end, at all?

In the end, one year of standing on Maidan is better than another six or twenty-six standing in Belarus.

While Maidan still stands, Yanukovych is not fully vested as President. If Maidan were to currently disperse now, or in three weeks – it means that Yanukovych won not only today’s, but also all potential opposition.

We have created our own power and defended our space – several hectares of wonderful land – where the laws of today’s ugly current state system do not work. With our will, we recreated a tiny piece of future Ukraine .

We have the time and we have the inspiration to develop it as a piece of the future.

For example, an IT tent can give rise to a whole series of tents leading to future IT companies. The digital community can work to create cutting-edge software products right from this square.

Separate garbage sorting and processing, and water treatment technology will soon be presented to the Maidan.

Maidan already contains the beginnings of a free community of artists, and artists who are able to create and display the results of their creative work directly on the square.

Already the free university is functioning, which is a logical continuation of the global TEDx trend.

In short, we have all the possibilities to develop Maidan as, in particular, as an environmentally clean place, as a unique industrial park, as a free art space and as a space for the creation of new forms of self-government in Ukraine, and of course – of Kyiv self-government. On this chaotic set of tents can be born an entirely new community.

Yet, these are thoughts about the following, how do we act when we are here for the long run. How will we develop our end.

The main thing is – do not lose momentum. We now have enough energy to go on the offensive. After December 11th, a great moral advantage was on our side. We now demand that the three opposition parties, who are the de facto leaders of Maidan, to to lead by peaceful command, but on the offensive.



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