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#Maidan diary: #EuroMaidan is first of all PEOPLE

A story of the Ukrainian woman Albina Nikonenko from her Facebook page.
#Maidan (AutoMaidan) is, above all, PEOPLE! (Spelled with all capitals – PEOPLE). I do not quote anyone, I will only describe my situation and feelings.
Yesterday I had an accident – it wasn’t my fault, but the driver of another car denied his fault and tried (and definitely would have succeeded) to convince me that it was my fault. This accident is the first of my life and it wasn’t a small one (for example, repairs for my car will cost $5000 or more).
As a woman, I was in complete shock. I didn’t know who I should call or what I should do. The driver of the other car was badgering me, saying that it’s all my fault. I don’t even know how to call the police. Then I remembered that there are lawyers among the guys of AutoMaidan.
I called them all stressed out, hysterically asking them to help me (I meant with an advice). Their response: “Where are you?” I answered. They told me to hang on for 5 minutes. I think 5 minutes – I’m holding on all my life as a man in a skirt, 5 minutes is a trifle, I sat and cried in my car for 5 minutes, pitying myself. I think, in 5 minutes I’m gonna wipe my tears, “put on my skirt,” and get a handle on the situation, not even knowing how.
After 5 minutes, there appears the first car with three men, they calm me down, they say in 1 minute a lawyer will arrive here. They set up some reflective hazard signs in the road and talk to the driver. I think, “it is not so cool to be a man in a skirt, it’s better to be a woman with tears in her eyes.” 2 more minutes and 3 more cars have come. Men talk to me, calm me down, talk to the other driver, now I feel that I’m a girl, don’t have to understand everything, I can trust those MEN!!! They will manage everything.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=641815669191249&id=635416686497814


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