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#EuroMaidan: Peaceful Energy of Ukraine

Status Update: December 19, 2013
By Ruslana Lyzhychko
Transate: Isis Wisdom
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ruslana.lyzhychko.5/posts/624552360940311
Peaceful Energy of Ukraine.

I love Maidan, just as he is!

I spent 25 nights on the Maidan. On stage – from 5 to 10 hours a day. Fatigue, I do not notice … My voice is gone … The feeling of uniqueness and phenomenon of Maidan grows … This – a unique territory, a small new country, the peaceful energy of Ukraine!!!
Stand on? – Stand on!
For what? Without the first group of students on the night of the 24th to the 25th of November, where there were 40 people left on Maidan, I’m sure we would not have this revolution … Maidan – it is already a symbol and image of all of us, all of Ukraine. The whole world is watching Maidan and asks: will they hold out, will they stand till the end? Is it an internal affair of Ukraine if they will uphold human values?
I – am a musician, and politics for me – are an alien element, but I know for sure:
Maidan – this is already a new style and lifestyle. And this little area of democracy is obliged to give a new model of society. I will do everything possible and impossible from myself … Because it is necessary, because there will not be another chance.

People! Do not hesitate! But know! When large numbers of people with a concentrated effort is determined toward one goal, an epoch-making change takes place. Nothing can stop this power !

A joint goal, a joint action, a joint victory.

Said – Done – Won !!!

1. Change the old state model to a new one!
2. Save Maidan under any circumstances
3. Maidan is to become a source of a new philosophy of life for all: it is my right to live this way; for all as for onself
nobody has the right to break my “I”. We’re the same blood, and I have enough energy to defend this!!!

Professionals Move !!!
Maidan, Action !!!
People, assemble !!!
I’m on duty at night …


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  1. Bravo Ruslana, you, students, musicians, Maidan volunteer workers, Kyivians, etc. are indeed not politicians and Maidan as a new form of solidarity and peaceful revolution is working magically!!! Thanks to you and your great style wherein from the Maidan stage you helped save countless lives and kept protesters to have patience and cool heads !!! Glory to you and your beloved Ukraine 😉

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