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Andriy Kluev, NSDC: Political Crisis Can Be Solved Only via Negotiations


Kyiv, December 19, 2013 – Press Service of NSDC.

Andriy Kluev EuroMaidan

Andriy Kluev. Photo from NSDC website.

Political problems in Ukraine can be solved only via compromise and negotiations, said Andiy Kluev, secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) during his interview for two German media – ARD TV and Berliner Zaitung paper – as NDSC press service reported today.

That brutal dissemination of peaceful EuroMaidan protesters in the night on November 30 Andiy Kluev called as a big tragedy. “This is a woe that innocent people were injured. This is very bad. I think that event was provoked,” he said.

“Any such problem can be solved only peacefully. If any political force will dictate their conditions, this would be the road to nowhere,” said Kluev.

“Those politicians, who are not ready to reach a compromise, don’t think about future of Ukraine. If we will continue to accuse each other, this would be the road to breaking the state not even into 2 parts, but into 3 parts. Unfortunately, those scenarios are possible in our country,’ said secretary of NSDC.

Kluev said that starting from December 10th the authorities began some talks with the opposition representatives.

“In fact, we agreed that the half of problems can be solved during negotiations. If you remember, right on the next day negotiations started at the round table. President Yanukovych ordered me to organize this round table talks. I had talks with the opposition representatives about who of them and how will participate in the negotiations,” Kliuev said.

He also said that it’s very difficult to reach a compromise right at the first meeting.

“The first round of talks should be completed. Then negotiation groups should be formed to talk about problems. Then the 2nd and 3rd round table sessions should be conducted. And then there is a possibility to reach an agreement”, said secretary of NSDC.

“We need to pay tribute to the all Presidents of Ukraine, especially to the 1st President Leonid Kravchuk who initiated negotiations. We finally conducted the round table session, but the opposition representatives didn’t participate. A lot of emotions were on that day. However, on the next day we started meetings and began to make steps toward full-scale negotiations. I think that it was a big achievement that on Friday the President Yanukovych and civic activists from EuroMaidan participated in the round table session. The negotiations started – this is the major achievement,” said Andriy Kluev.

“Ukrainians are kind, normal, and decent nation. Our people are not aggressive. We should make all to continue keeping peace and kindness in our homes and in the whole country,” said Kluev.

Answering the journalist question about bloody dispersal of people on Bankova Street on December 1, including the attack on riot police with a tractor, Kluev replied:

“Some provocations look not only strange, but also terrifying. Therefore, those definite provocateurs who organized that attack should be identified. There’s a need to deal with them very seriously. But those peaceful protesters, who were occasionally caught by riot police, should not suffer. President Yanukovych said that those peaceful protesters who were detained should be freed, if the legislation allows it,” said Kluev.

“I think that we need to adopt the special law on amnesty. And I think the Parliament will adopt such law. All participants of peaceful rallies should be freed,” said secretary of NSDC.

“People went to the streets because they were indignant. They have a right to be resentful. Their protest shows that they have reasons to be indignant. Rallies and protests in every country is a consequence. Аnd this is the duty of any authority to remove the reasons for protests,” said Kluev.

Source: Press Service of NSDC. http://www.rnbo.gov.ua/news/1570.html


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